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Seminole Indian Clothing, Star Quilts, & Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At the Anhinga Indian Trading Post in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you'll find traditional, Native American handcrafted products including Seminole Indian clothing, star quilts, and jewelry. We have the widest selection in the world of Florida Seminole handcrafted items.

Native American Clothing
Of all the Seminole handcrafted items we carry, the traditional clothing is our most popular. We offer handmade, Seminole Indian clothing such as jackets and vests for men and full dresses and skirts for women. Also carry children's clothing such as dresses for little girls and Seminole jackets for little boys. We carry Seminole shirts for babies as well.

Native Jewelry
We carry Native American crafted jewelry made from coral, onyx, turquoise, silver, and mother-of-pearl. We have:

• Bracelets & Watches
• Pendants, Necklaces, & Earrings
• Belt Buckles & Belts 

• Pins & ID Tag Holders
• Beaded Key-Chains
• Beaded Hair Clips
• Boleros (Made of Silver Not Stone)
• Beaded Hair Bands & All Other Jewelry
• Purses & Wallets in Beaded Fashion

Star Quilts
Quilts are made up of small strips of fabric sewn together into a star pattern. We carry cotton and satin star quilts in various sizes. These are available in any color or we can provide the traditional Indian star quilt. A very detailed hand sewn quilt is used to honor someone in the tradition of the Indian tribe.

Skirt with Cape
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